All about squirrel proof bird feeders.

Backyard Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

There are a variety of different types of backyard squirrel proof bird feeders available that will keep those pesky squirrels from eating bird seed from your feeder. One typical design resembles a cylinder like tube containing the bird seed with a wire mesh surrounding the tube. More than a dozen humming birds are able to perch and feed anywhere on the squirrel proof wire mesh because the tube dispenses the bird seed over its entire length. Those pesky squirrels simply cannot reach inside through the fencing to eat the bird seed.

Another design employs a clever spring system which will keep the feeding tray open for birds but closes over the tray when a squirrel jumps onto the perch. The convienance of this design allows you to adjust the spring system to keep out larger birds like pigeons and crows. This type of squirrel proof bird feeder can be quite entertaining because squirrels will try to outsmart this type of bird feeder by putting their foot in the cover before it closes or attempt to open the cover.

Another design often called the automatic squirrel-ejecting bird feeder automatically spins when a squirrel's weight rests on the feeder. This results in flinging the squirrel safely away without harm and discouraging it from returning. This design is sensitive enough for hummingbird, chickadees, finches and other lightweight birds to feed without spinning, but discourages larger birds from attempting to land on the bird feeder.  There are some types available that spin by using an electric motor instead of the weight of the animal. It is able to detect the weight of a squirrel or large bird and make connection with a motor that spins the bird feeder around.  

Depending on what type of design you choose, prices typically range from $30 to upwards of $100 dollars for a quality squirrel proof bird feeder.

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