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The Versatility of a Blown Glass Bird Feeder

A blown glass bird feeder is not only practical; it also can be a work of art. With the ability to shape blown glass in to just about any design, these types of feeders can be custom made to fit just about any look you want to enhance for your back yard.

The blown glass bird feeder has a special place in the genre of feeders. The very first commercial bird feeders of the twentieth century were all made of blown glass. From the very first, these feeders including such designs as long tubs to oval shaped objects. Many of the blown glass bird feeders are outfitted with copper accessories, making for a striking look.

Blown glass feeders are available in just about any color you can think of. From the gentle hues of pastels to the bright reflection that one gets when sunlight strikes deeper jewel toned models, the blown glass feeder can be a beautiful addition to your garden. 

Cleaning a blown glass bird feeder does not require any extra effort. Just as with most feeders, the main tool used is hot water. Soap should be avoided, as any soapy residue would drive the birds away from the food receptacle. A mixture of a small amount of bleach with the hot water will take care of any mold or buildup that may occur. The chances for mold are somewhat less than with wooden or metal bird feeders, but it is still important to periodically check the blown glass bird feeder for any type of buildup that could contaminate the birdseed.

Most garden shops will carry several different designs of blow glass bird feeders. In addition, many home stores and discount markets are also excellent sources of the feeders. Many manufacturers maintain online stores, so it is possible to shop for a blown glass bird feeder on the Internet as well. 

Blown glass feeders, if properly maintained, can last for years with little or not evidence of wear. If you are interested in getting a blown glass feeder for your home, check out the stores in your area, or go online. You are sure to find a design and color scheme that is right for you.