All about squirrel proof bird feeders.

Garden Bird Feeders

There are a variety of different types of bird feeders you can put in your garden to attract many different species of birds. At first it may take a few weeks for the birds to discover the new bird feeder and recognize them as a source of food.  Eventually they will notice and frequently fly to and from the feeder and the nest.

Bird feeders are absolutely the best way to attract birds to your living or gardening space. They are a great way to watch a variety of different species of birds and a great thing to put around your area if you do bird watching as a hobby.
Bird feeders are generally easy to take care of and there are many different types you can use for your garden. The most common type is called a hanging bird feeder and is usually hung from trees or on the eaves of a porch or patio.

Another common type is called a stationary bird feeder. If you live in a windy area they may be more suitable for the birds because they are typically attached to a pole or tree. Pole bird feeders help keep cats or other pets away from your bird feeder.

If you want to watch birds while in the comfort of your own home then window bird feeders are the best way to get birds close to your house. Some types can be attached to the side of your home right above the window and hang down in front of the window.

If you have a problem with squirrels eating the bird seed from the feeder then a squirrel proof bird feeder is needed. You may want to shop around to try and find the best quality squirrel proof birder because not all live up to what they claim to do. Some squirrel proof bird feeders twirl from the heavy weight of the squirrel and subsequently throw the squirrel off or they provide a tight wire mesh which is big enough for the birds to eat the seed, but not big enough for the squirrel to get through.

Usually you will see a lot of birds using your feeder during the winter months because that is when their food source is the lowest. Much of the activity will depend upon what type of wild bird feeder you use and how accessible it is.

Whatever type of bird feeder you decide on, it will be an uplifting and enjoyable experience to watch the different types of birds use the bird feeder all year long, especially if you’re into bird-watching as a hobby. 

You've heard the saying about a gift that keeps on giving, well, bird feeders are truly the gift that "keeps on giving" enjoyment all year long.