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Advantages of a Gazebo Bird Feeder

If you are thinking about adding a bird feeder to your back yard, consider purchasing a Gazebo bird feeder. Here are a few reasons why this may be a good selection for you.

As the name implies, a gazebo bird feeder resembles the gazebos that were once often seen in town squares and as part of the landscaping in Victorian gardens. The graceful lines of the gazebo bird feeder add a touch of whimsy to your back yard.  In addition, the design often incorporates a perch that is a great place for the birds to land and enter the gazebo at feeding time.

The open design of the gazebo feeder is not just a convenience for the birds. In true gazebo style, the openings are wide enough to allow you to see the interior. This means you can enjoy the sight of several birds feeding without being close enough to disturb them.  

Gazebo feeders are made from a wide array of materials these days. You may purchase units that are constructed of sturdy plastic or resin, wood and even metal. Many units will have a body made of plastic and then be topped off with a roof that is made of tine or copper. The metal roof can create a pleasing sound for you when rain begins to fall.  In any event, the metal acts as an excellent protection from the sun as the birds feed.

A gazebo bird feeder is often made of sections of treated cedar. This wood, often coated with a thin lacquer, holds up well in all sorts of weather, and also is easy to clean. As with any bird feeder, cleanliness is important if you want to birds to come back again and again. 

Fittings and screws used to construct the gazebo bird feeder are usually weatherproof screws and anodized metal hinges. This makes the fittings for the feeder just as resistant to the elements as the lacquered cedar. The end result is that the feeder will last years, as long as routine cleaning is done.

For more information on gazebo bird feeders, visit your local garden shop. Chances are they have several different feeders on display, each made of different materials. You are sure to find one you like.