All about squirrel proof bird feeders.

Homemade Bird Feeders

If you’re interested in making your own bird feeder then rest assured there are many different types of materials you can use that are both inexpensive and environmentally safe. Creating homemade bird feeders can be a relaxing hobby or just something to do to help pass the time and save money. Children also enjoy creating homemade bird feeders and it can be a rewarding experience to see the smiles on their faces as they watch the birds use the bird feeder consistently throughout the year.

It is nice to go buy a bird feeder from the store, but it can be both environmentally, financially and personally rewarding to create your own feeder. Some of the common household items you can use are paper towel rolls, egg cartons, empty bottles, glass bottles, coffee cans and thick cardboard. With a little creativity and some cheap materials you can go a long way creating an artistic and safe bird feeder.

There are several ways you can use the things mentioned above to feed the birds. If you’re using empty egg cartons you can pull of the lid completely and then string the egg carton from all four corners to your patio eave or nearest tree. Simply fill the egg cartons with birdseed and watch many different types of birds flock to the new source of food.

You can also take a bagel, cover it with honey, roll it in birdseed and then tie a string through the hole in the bagel and hang it on the nearest tree limb or wherever you desire. Although this won’t last long it is a cheap alternative to buying one from the store.

Be aware that if you are going to feed hummingbirds only use a special sugar water solution. Honey is not good for hummingbirds along with many other types of bird food. Some things you can use to feed other types of birds are raisins, blueberries, cracked corn, shelled plain peanuts, and popcorn without butter or salt.Whatever you choose to use make sure it’s safe for the birds to eat, especially if you’re trying to feed the fragile hummingbirds.