All about squirrel proof bird feeders.

Top Facts About Hummingbird Feeders

Many people in the United States today own hummingbird feeders and enjoy placing them around their house to get a great view of the many different types of humming birds. Some people enjoy building their own hummingbird feeders while others prefer to buy a modern design.

Do you know how the modern bird feeder first came into being? Here are some interesting facts about the history of bird feeders.

Today modern bird feeders owe their existence to an entrepreneur named Laurence J. Webster.  One morning his wife showed him an article about people feeding hummingbirds from small glass bottles. Instantly, taking an interest he started forming new ideas on how to improve the hummingbird feeders. After much trial and error the first modern glass blown hummingbird feeder was created. Production for the feeder started prior to 1936 and over a period of the next few years the new design became quite popular. The Audubon Novelty Company in New York liked the Webster Bird Feeders so much they began offering them for sale.

Over the years many new humming bird feeder designs were created. These feeders now come in many different designs, shapes and sizes. Now you can buy the glass hummingbird feeders in a variety of different colors and unique designs. Today the glass hummingbird feeders are not as common as the plastic feeders. The plastic feeders are typically cheaper and available in stores more than the glass feeders.

Why have humming bird feeders become so popular over the years? The reason is because the feeder gives people a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature and the unique beauty of the creature. What's nice about the hummingbird feeders is that you can easily install them anywhere around your home. If you live in an apartment or small home you can still install a feeder and enjoy watching them dart around from the feeder and then back to its nest.

Be sure to check out your local pet store or garden center to get an idea of the different type of hummingbird designs that will work for your home or living space.