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Making Your Own Teacup Bird Feeder

If watching birds play in your back yard appeals to you, a bird feeder would see to be a logical addition to your space. Instead of running out to the local discount shop and picking up a plastic feeder, why not make your own? With very little effort, you can make your own teacup bird feeder. Here is some quick and easy instructions to help you come up with a feeder that will look great and also reflect your good taste.

The most basic material to collect is a teacup and saucer. Here, you can let your imagine run wild.  Just about any design will work just fine.  If you do not want to use any of the items in your china closet, pay a visit to a thrift shop. You will find many teacups and saucers that you can use. Keep in mind the two pieces do not have to match. As long as you like them together, you are set.

The workings of the teacup bird feeder are easily found at your hardware store. You will need a length of half inch copper tubing, an end cap that fits the tubing, and some epoxy glue. If you do not have metal cutters, pick up a set of those as well. 

Your first step in making your teacup bird feeder is to apply a thick coating of epoxy glue on the bottom of the teacup. Invert the saucer and press it into the glue. Let it set for a couple moments while you make sure you have the saucer lined up with the body of the teacup. Next, use a little epoxy glue to adhere the end cap to the bottom of the saucer. Let the pieces dry for at least twenty-four hours, to ensure the glue is completely dry.

As you wait for the glue to dry, decide where you want to hang your teacup bird feeder. Measure how much tubing will be needed to properly secure the feeder into place, and also have it at a height that will be easy for you to fill.

When the epoxy glue is dry, cut the tubing the length you will need. Insert one end of the tubing into the end cap, making sure it is snug and will not slip out. Bend the tubing in whatever direction you need to create a way to suspend the feeder with the cup portion upright. 

After placing your teacup bird feeder, fill the cup with birdseed. Notice that the inverted saucer makes an ideal perch for the birds as they feast on the seed. With a little work and a lot of style, you've made a unique teacup bird feeder that will be sure to bring the birds back to your yard again and again.