All about squirrel proof bird feeders.

Unique Bird Houses

For hundreds of years people have enjoyed the unique beauty of birds and have built artificial bird houses to accommodate them. Many different designs of bird’s houses have been created and the most common designs consist of sloping roofs, an entryway and four walls. Although some of the first designs were created by simply using glass bottles, over the year the house style design became more common.

There are many people who watch birds as a hobby today and would rather design their own type of bird feeder instead of purchasing a more common design at the local pet shop. If you are interested in creating your own bird house a great idea would be to go to your local hobby shop and look at all the various types of materials you can use to put together a bird house.

First you need to think about how to provide the bird with food and shelter and then add to the design from there. This is really all the bird needs and is what will keep the bird coming back to the house time and time again.
When implementing the basic bird house design you need to take into two considerations. First it must be an enclosed shelter and must be easily accessible. The bird must feel comfortable and not threatened in any way going in and out of the bird feeder. Typically a round hole placed in the front of the bird feeder works well and will attract birds to its new home.

When you’re ready to build the bird house, try to use your imagination and use cheap materials that you have lying around the house. These don’t cost anything and will probably give you some unique ideas.

Here are a few great ideas you can use to get started: Plastic toys can easily be converted into bird houses, doll houses, thick cardboard, old tires for the bird house roof, suitcases etc. Use your imagination and you will be able to create a unique design. Most importantly keep the bird dwelling easily accessible and suitable for the bird.