All about squirrel proof bird feeders.

Wood Bird Feeders

If you are looking for a bird feeder that will complement your back yard or patio then look for a wood bird feeder. This type of design will provide an enjoyable experience watching birds and also will make a great gift for the holiday season.

Many different types of companies manufacture wood bird feeders and bird houses, but try to find one that is environmentally safe and suitable for a variety of different birds. One company in particular like Schrodt Design, Inc, provides safe wood bird feeders and use mill trim ends and pack them with recycled materials. Gary Schrodt, the owner of the company is known for creating a Teahouse Bird Feeder that is constructed from wood trim and hand-etched glass. They are truly remarkable and one of the most creative and artistic wood bird feeders available on the market today.

Countryside Culture is another company that sells bird feeders designed to look like barns, cabins and country cottages. They are typically made out of redwood and cedar, with the roof made out of copper. They are great for attracting birds of all types and hold a considerable amount of bird seed.

Before deciding on what type of bird feeder style is right for you then first consider how the feeder will fit in with your environment. If you have a problem with squirrels you may need a squirrel proof bird feeder and have to sacrifice a more artistic design. Basically, a wood style bird feeder whether plain or bright colored will fit in with most exterior designs.

If you are interested in creating your own bird feeder then feel free to browse around this website to get some creative ideas flowing. There are many different inexpensive ways to create bird feeders with materials you have lying around your house.

For example you can make a hummingbird feeder out of an upside down 2 liter coke bottle, pinecones filled with peanut butter, old toys such as doll houses, just use your imagination!